Religion is one of the Main Factors of the Civilization Series. it generates Faith. and also expands the cultural borders.

Icon Religion

Faith logo in Civilization 6

Can be founded

The First Civilization who founds a Religion by researching a certain tech or Building a Holy Site

Types of Religions

  1. Pagan
  2. Christianity=Theology
  3. Islam=Divine Right
  4. Buddhism=Meditation
  5. Taoism=Philosophy
  6. Confucianism=Code of Laws
  7. Hinduism= Polytheism
  8. Shintoism
  9. Protestantism
  10. Eastern Othrodoxy
  11. Sikhism
  12. Zoroantrianism


  1. Can Gain Holy Sites
  2. Can be used to declare Holy War
  3. Can gained Culture Boost.
  4. Can Boost Religion Relationships
  5. Can Gain Advantage for Diplomatic Victory

Structure Needed

  1. Cathedral
  2. Temple
  3. Holy Shirne
  4. Holy Site
  5. Apostolic Palace