Game speed
Quick - Regular - Epic - Marathon
Cost 160 20xProduction5
Maintenance 0 gold
Technology Religion


  • +1 20xHappiness5 Happiness
  • +2 20xCulture5 Culture per citizen
  • +1 20xfaith5 Faith per citizen


The Pyramid is a unique building of the Egyptian Civilization. Replaces the Cathedral.

Game Info

Culture building. Regular traits:

  • + 2 20xCulture5 Culture per citizen
  • + 1 20xfaith5 Faith
  • + 1 20xHappiness5 Happiness

Unique Traits:

  • +1 20xfaith5 faith per citizen instead of just 1 more faith.


Cathedrals boost more 20xCulture5 Culture than the other culture buildings. Indeed, the Cathedral comes with +1 20xCulture5 Culture bonus per citizen.

Historical Info

Built by the fourth dynasty of Egyptian rulers, the Pyramids represent the pinnacle of ancient Egyptian cultural achievement. Constructed on the Giza plateau outside modern-day Cairo, these structures were burial tombs and monuments for the Pharaohs, and may have taken generations and tens of thousands of workers to complete. The Pyramids are the only one of the generally accepted man-made wonders of the ancient world that remains in existence today.