This is the Second Variety of the Paw Patrol in Civilization:Cartoon's Empire



After the Turbots Discovers a box and takes it to the lookout. The Paw Patrol and their friends opened their box and transforms from normal to a marvelous leaders of a grand civilization.



  1. Ryder= American Empire
  2. Marshall=Japanese Empire
  3. Rubble=English Empire
  4. Chase=German Empire
  5. Rocky=Chinese Empire
  6. Zuma=Roman Empire
  7. Skye=Russian Empire
  8. Everest=Egyptian Empire
  9. Tracker=Aztec Empire
  10. Alex Porter=Greek Empire
  11. Mayor Goodway=Greek Empire
  12. Mr. Porter=Korean Empire
  13. Earl of Barkingburg=Viking Empire
  14. Sweetie=Celtic Empire
  15. Cap'n Turbot=Arabian Empire
  16. Francois Turbot=Persian Empire
  17. Jake=Egyptian Empire
  18. Cap'n Turbot(Alternative)= Ottoman Empire

Unique Units

  • Ryder=Marine- SEA Patrol Operative
  • Marshall=Swordsman- Pup-Fu Shinobi
  • Chase=Tank- Police Panzer
  • Rocky=Crossbowman- Scout archer
  • Zuma=Swordsman- Legionairre
  • Skye=Cavalry- Cossack
  • Rubble=Musketman- RedCoat
  • Tracker=Swordsman- Eagle Warrior
  • Everest=Chariots- Snow Chariot
  • Alex=Spearman- Phalanx
  • Cap'n Turbot=Horse Archer- Mamluks
  • Francois=Spearman- Immortal
  • Mayor Goodway= Spearman- Sentry Spear
  • Earl of Barkingburg= Warrior- Berzerker
  • Cap'n Turbot(ottoman)=Musterman- Janissary
  • Mr. Porter=Cannon- Peddler Cannoneers
  • Sweetie=Warrior- Gaelic Knight

Unique Building

  • Ryder=Mall- Supermarket
  • Marshall=Barracks- Dojo
  • Chase=Factory- Assembly Plant
  • Rocky=Theatre- Pavillon
  • Zuma=Market- Forum
  • Skye=Laboratory- Pet Parlor
  • Rubble=Bank- Stock Market
  • Tracker=Courthouse- Aztec Altar
  • Everest- Monument- Obelisk
  • Alex=Barracks- Basilekoi Paides
  • Francois=Grocer- Retail Store
  • Cap'n Turbot=Library- Madrassa
  • Cap'n Turbot(ottoman)=Aqueduct- Hammam
  • Mayor Goodway=Theater- Ampitheatre
  • Earl of Barkingburg=Lighthouse- Viking Outpost
  • Mr. Porter=Hospital- Resturant
  • Sweetie-Walls- Dun

Leader Type

  • Ryder=George Washington
  • Marshall=Tokugawa
  • Chase=Fredrick the Great
  • Rocky=Qin Shi Huang
  • Zuma=Julius Caesar
  • Skye=Catherine the Great
  • Rubble= Victoria, Winston Churchill
  • Tracker=Montezuma
  • Everest-Hasheput
  • Alex=Alexander
  • Francois=Cyrus
  • Cap'n Turbot=Saladin
  • Cap'n Turbot(ottoman)= Mehmed
  • Mayor Goodway=Pericles
  • Earl of Barkingburg= Ragnar
  • Mr. Porter=Wang Kon
  • Sweetie-Boudicca

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