The Norwegian are a Civ in Civilization Beyond
Introduced in Vanilla
Leader Erik the Red
Color Sky Blue
Unique Units Viking Longboat (Replaces both Galley and Galleon), Axeman (Replaces Warrior)
Unique Buildings TBA
Unique Ability Longboat's Refuge:

Land units take only one movement point to embark onto naval units.

Bias TBA
Language spoken Norwegian
  • Architecture: European
  • Music Set: European
  • Spy Names: Alexandra, Eli
  • Preferred Religion: Christianity (G&K) or Protestantism (BNW)
  • Preferred Ideology: Freedom

City Names

  1. Oslo (Capital)
  2. Bergen
  3. Sandnes
  4. Trondheim
  5. Kristiansand
  6. Frederikstad
  7. Drammen
  8. Skien
  9. Tromsø
  10. Tønsberg
  11. Ålesund
  12. Haugesund
  13. Moss
  14. Sandefjord
  15. Bodø
  16. Arendal
  17. Hamar
  18. Larvik
  19. Halden
  20. Lillehammer
  21. Harstad
  22. Molde
  23. Kongsberg
  24. Gjøvik
  25. Askøy
  26. Horten
  27. Mo i Rsns
  28. Kongsvinger
  29. Jessheim
  30. Hønefoss

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