The civilizations in Civilization V
Civilization Icon Bias Leader Unique Ability Unique Unit(s) Unique Building Unique Resource
George Washington Manifest Destiny

All land military units have +1 Sight. 50% discount when purchasing tiles.

Arabian Harun al-Rashid Vanilla and Template:GK Camel archer Bazaar
Trade Caravans

+1 20xGold5 Gold from each Trade Route. Oil resources provide double quantity.

Ships of the Desert

Caravans gain 50% extended range. Your trade routes spread the home city's religion twice as effectively. Oil resources are doubled.

AssyrianTemplate:BNW Ashurbanipal Treasures of Nineveh

When a city is conquered, gain a free Technology already discovered by its owner. Gaining a city through a trade deal does not count, and it can only happen once per enemy city.

Siege tower Royal library
AustrianTemplate:GK Maria Theresa Diplomatic Marriage

Can spend 20xGold5 Gold to annex or puppet a City-State that has been your ally for 5 turns.

Hussar Coffee house
Aztec Montezuma Quetzalcoatl's Blessing

Units heal after a combat victory.

Jaguar (Replaces Warrior) Floating gardens Chocolate
Mesopotamian Hammurabi

In all except AW:

Fertile Crescent

  • Rivers give +2 food
  • Start with knowledge of Irrigation
Bowman Walls of Babylon

In AW:

Hammurabi's Code

  • Start with knowledge of Code of Laws
  • Annexed cities have no more unhappiness than a founded city
BrazilianTemplate:BNW Pedro II Home of Futbol

Begins the game with knowledge of Sports. 1/2 price stadium. Tourism in capital doubles.

Pracinha Brazilwood camp (Improvement)
ByzantineTemplate:GK Theodora Patriarchate of Constantinople

Choose one more Belief than normal when you found a Religion.

CarthaginianTemplate:GK Dido Phoenician Heritage

All coastal Cities get a free Harbor. Units may cross mountains after the first Great General is earned, taking 50 HP damage if they end a turn on a mountain.

African forest elephant
Chinese Wu Zetian Art of War

The Great General combat bonus is increased by 15%, and their spawn rate is increased by 50%.

Chu-ko-nu Paper maker Tea (Shared with England), Silk
Danish Harald Bluetooth Viking Fury

Embarked units have +1 Movement and pay just 1 movement point to move from sea to land. Melee units pay no movement point cost to pillage.

Norwegian ski infantry
(-) Coffee
Dutch East India Company

Retains 50% of the 20xHappiness5 Happiness benefits from a Luxury Resource if your last copy of it is traded away.

Sea beggar Polder (Improvement) Tulips
93px-Egyptian (Civ5)
Monument Builders

+20% 20xProduction5 Production towards Wonder construction.

War chariot Burial tomb Sandstone
English English (Civ5) Elizabeth Sun Never Sets

+2 Movement for all naval units. Receives 1 extra Spy.

Longbow (Replaces Archer) Teahouse (Replaces Resturaunt ) Tea (Shared with China)
EthiopianTemplate:GK Haile Selassie Spirit of Adwa

Combat bonus (+20%) when fighting units from a Civilization with more Cities than Ethiopia.

Mehal sefari Stele
French Napoleon Vanilla and Template:GK
Ancien Régime

+2 20xCulture5 Culture per turn from Cities before discovering Steam Power.

Chateau (Improvement)
City of Light

Museum and World Wonder theme bonuses are doubled in their Template:Capital5 Capital.

Musketeer Chateau (Improvement)
German Bismarck Furor Teutonicus

Upon defeating a Barbarian unit inside an encampment, there is a 67% chance you earn 25 20xGold5 Gold and they join your side. Pay 25% less for land unit maintenance.

Vanilla and Template:GK
Panzer Hanse
Greek Alexander Hellenic League

City-State Template:Influence5 Influence degrades at half and recovers at twice the normal rate.

Companion cavalry
(-) Olives
HunnicTemplate:GK Attila Scourge of God

Raze Cities at double speed. Borrow City names from other in-game Civs. Start with Animal Husbandry technology. +1 20xProduction5 Production per Pasture.

Horse archer
Battering ram
Incan Pachacuti Great Andean Road

Units ignore terrain costs when moving into any tile with Hills. No maintenance costs for improvements in Hills; half cost elsewhere.

Slinger Terrace farm (Improvement)
Indian Gandhi Population Growth

Unhappiness (Civ5) Unhappiness from number of Cities doubled, Unhappiness (Civ5) Unhappiness from number of Citizens halved.

War elephant Mughal fort
IndonesianTemplate:BNW Gajah Mada Spice Islanders

The first 3 cities founded on continents other than where Indonesia started each provide 2 unique Luxury Resources (and can never be razed).

Kris swordsman Candi
Iroquois Hiawatha The Great Warpath

Vanilla and Template:GK:
Units move through Forest and Jungle in friendly territory as if it is Road. These tiles can be used to establish Trade Routes upon researching The Wheel.
Units move through Forest and Jungle in friendly territory as if they were Roads. These tiles can be used to establish City Connections upon researching The Wheel. Caravans move along Forest and Jungle as if they were Roads.

Mohawk warrior Longhouse
Japanese Oda Nobunaga Bushido

Vanilla and Template:GK:
Units fight as though they were at full strength even when damaged.
Units fight as though they were at full strength even when damaged. +1 20xCulture5 Culture from each Fishing Boat and +2 20xCulture5 Culture from atolls.

Korean Sejong Scholars of the Jade Hall

+2 20xScience5 Science for all specialists and Great Person tile improvements. Receive a tech boost each time a scientific building/Wonder is built in the Korean capital.

Turtle ship
MayanTemplate:GK Pacal The Long Count

After researching Theology, receive a bonus Great Person at the end of every Maya Long Count calendar cycle (every 394 years) (Each bonus person can only be chosen once).

Mongolian Genghis Khan Mongol Terror

Combat Strength +30% when fighting City-State units or attacking a City-State itself. All mounted units have +1 Movement.

Khan (Great Person)


MoroccanTemplate:BNW Ahmad al-Mansur Gateway to Africa

Receives +3 20xGold5 Gold and +1 20xCulture5 Culture for each Trade Route with a different civ or City-State. The Trade Route owners receive +2 20xGold5 Gold for each Trade Route sent to Morocco.

Berber cavalry Kasbah (Improvement)
Ottoman Suleiman Barbary Corsairs

50% chance of converting a Barbarian naval unit to your side and earning 25 20xGold5 Gold. Pay only one-third the usual cost for naval unit maintenance.
Template:GK and Template:BNW:
All melee naval units have the Prize Ships promotion, allowing them to capture defeated ships. Pay only one-third the usual cost for naval unit maintenance.

Persian Darius I Achaemenid Legacy

Golden Ages last 50% longer. During a Golden Age, units receive +1 Movement and a +10% Combat Strength bonus.

Immortal Satrap's court
PolishTemplate:BNW Casimir III Solidarity

Receive a free Technology when you advance to the next era.

Winged hussar Ducal stable
93px-Polynesian (Civ5)
Kamehameha Wayfinding

Galleys can move over Oceans. +1 Sight when embarked. +10% Combat Strength bonus if within 2 tiles of a Moai.

Maori warrior (Replaces Warrior) Moai (Improvement)
PortugueseTemplate:BNW Maria I Mare Clausum

Resource diversity grants twice as much 20xGold5 Gold for Portugal in Trade Routes.

Nau Feitoria (Improvement)
Roman Augustus Caesar The Glory of Rome

+25% 20xProduction5 Production towards any buildings that already exist in the Template:Capital5 Capital.

Cataphract (Replaces Knight), Centurion (Replaces Pikeman ) (-)
Russian Catherine Siberian Riches

Strategic Resources provide +1 20xProduction5 Production, and Horse, Iron and Uranium Resources provide double quantity

Cossack Krepost
Siamese Ramkhamhaeng

Father Governs Children

20xFood5 Food and 20xCulture5 Culture from friendly City-States increased by 50%.
Template:GK and Template:BNW:
20xFood5 Food, 20xCulture5 Culture and 20xfaith5 Faith from friendly City-States increased by 50%.

Naresuan's elephant Wat
Spanish Isabella Seven Cities of Gold

20xGold5 Gold bonus for discovering a Natural Wonder (bonus enhanced if first to discover it). 20xCulture5 Culture, 20xHappiness5 Happiness and tile yields from Natural Wonders doubled.

Conquistador (Replaces Knight) Mission (Improvement)
SwedishTemplate:GK Gustavus Adolphus Nobel Prize

Gain 90 Template:Influence5 Influence with a Great Person gift to a City-State. When declaring friendship, Sweden and their friend gain a +10% boost to Great Person generation.

(-) Lingonberries
VenetianTemplate:BNW Enrico Dandolo Serenissima

Cannot gain settlers. Double the normal number of trade routes available. A Merchant of Venice appears after researching Optics. May purchase in puppeted cities.

Merchant of Venice (Replaces Great Explorer) Canals (Replaces Harbor)
ZuluTemplate:BNW Avoid Shaka Iklwa

Melee units cost 50% less. All units require 10% less experience to earn their next promotion.

Impi Ikanda (Replaces Barracks )
Lester B. Pearson Keepers of the Peace

All other civilizations are met with at the start of the game. NPC leaders always offer peace (though it may still be at a price).


(Replaces Rifleman)

Erik the Red Longboat's Refuge

Land units take only one movement point to embark onto naval units. +1 naval unit movement. New naval units are veterans.


(Replaces Warrior ),

Viking Longboat

(Replaces Galley )

Sioux Sitting Bull Generations of Harvest

Access to all resources from the beginning, including Unique resources of other civs.

Strong Heart (Replaces Knight) Tipi (Improvement) Bufallo
Australian A Continent to Ourselves

Cities on Islands or continentrs without any other civs on them gain +2 20xProduction5 Production and +3 20xHappiness5 Happiness

Italian Mussolini

Available as DLCs:

  • Canada was made available as DLC.
  • Polynesia was made available as DLC.
  • Denmark was made available as DLC.
  • Korea was made available as DLC.