Fate of the states is a unique scenario in Civilization Beyond. It is played as normal, except that it's always on a special map, and that the civs are the 50 states, playable.

Civs Ingame (States)

Name Icon Leader UA UU UB Bias
California California (Civ5) Arnold Shwartzenegger

Gold Rush

  • Rush units at half price
  • Mountains an rivers produce one extra gold each
Forty-Niner (Replaces Worker) Fisherman's wharf (Replaces Harbor ) Coast
Hawaii Hawaii Henri Berger

Vacation in Hawaii:

  • Double tourism in all cities
  • Double happiness on island cities
Texas Texas Stephen F. Austin

Six Flags over Texas:

  • Cities that other civs Annex from Texas decrease in happiness until Texas controls them again
Cowboy (Replaces Horseman) Desert
Massachusetts John Hancock

Sacred Cod:



World Wonders (Called U.S. Wonders in this scenario)

Name 20xProduction5 Icon Effect
Statue of Liberty 180px-Statue of Liberty (Civ5) +1 social policy
CN Tower CN Tower (Civ5)

+1 population in every city

+1 happiness per city

F.B.I. (A Re-used National Intelligence Agency) 180px-National Intelligence Agency (Civ5)

1 extra spy

+20% effectiveness of existing spies

-15% effectiveness of enemy spies

Broadway 180px-BroadwayCiv5 WonderIcon

Great musician appears in city

3 slots for great works of music

Pentagon 180px-Pentagon (Civ5) Decreased unit cost in all cities
NASA Research Center International Space Station (Civ5)

Great Scientists appear more often in city

Great scientists provide +20% more science in all cities

Google HQ

Trade doubled in city

Great people appear 70% more often in city

National Wonders (Called State Wonders in this scenario)

Name 20xProduction5 Icon Required building Effect
State Capitol

(Basically a Palace)

180px-Palace (Civ5) -

+3 Trade

+3 production

+4 happiness

+5 culture

Marks Capital

State University (A re-used Oxford University) 180px-Oxford University (Civ5) University (This city) A free advanced technology

Natural Wonders

Name Icon Terrain Effect
Yellowstone Park Rock of Gibraltar (Civ5)

Any Land

  • +3 20xFood5 food
  • +2 20xTourism5 Tourism
Mt. McKinley Mt. Fuji (Civ5) Mountain
  • +5 20xCulture5 culture

Niagra Falls

Fountain of Youth (Civ5) River
Volcano National Park Mountain
  • +2 20xTourism5 Tourism
  • May cause a Natural Accident
Na Pali Coast Coast
Mammoth Cave Mountain
San Andreas Fault Any Land
  • +2 20xCulture5 culture
  • May cause a Natural Accident
Death Valley Desert
Grand Canyon

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