The Equestrian Civilization is a in the Civilization: Cartoon's Empires.



The Hidden World of Equestria led by the great Princess Celestia. a massive kingdom and land where Ponies and their allies lived in harmony and friendship.


  • Civilization Ability- Elements of Harmony= Gets +6 Food, +8 Faith, +3 Culture and +4 Combat Strength on Mounted and Siege units
  • Leaders:
    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Rarity
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Fluttershy
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Applejack
    • Spike
    • Princess Celestia
    • Princess Luna

Leader Ability

  • Twilight Sparkle- Element of Magic= Gets +3 Adjacency bonus when building Campus District
  • Rarity- Fashionista= Have at least +2 Great Art Slots
  • Rainbow Dash- Combat Morale= +4 Fighting bonus at the Coastline, Plains and Hills
  • Fluttershy- Animal Caretaker= +5 Food and Gold when building Pastures
  • Pinkie Pie-Party Pony= +50% War weariness and converts to Amenities
  • Applejack- Applebucker= +12 Gold when building farms and +6 Health to Cities
  • Spike-Dragon Writer= Gets +5 Culture for generating Great works of Writing
  • Princess Celestia- Queen of Equestria= +6 Loyalty and Government legacy bonuses
  • Princess Luna-

Leader Agenda

  • Over-all: Peace and Harmony= Likes Civs who are not Warmongers and keeps Peace.
  • Twilight Sparkle- Master Magician= Like civs who grows on Science and Follows the Same.
  • Rarity- Generosity= Like civs who gives resources in exchange for gold at least 6 turns
  • Rainbow Dash- Fighting Morale= Like Civs who Declares war for Liberation or Surprise war and aiding at war.
  • Fluttershy-
  • Pinkie Pie- Party Popper= Like Civs who keeps it citizens Happy
  • Applejack- Sweet Apples Acres= Like civilization who keeps a city Healthy and producing Gold
  • Spike- Letter Writer= Like Civs who did not Race for Great People(Specifically Writer)
  • Princess Celestia- Princess of Canterlot=Likes Civs who forms alliances and defensive pacts.
  • Princess Luna- Nightmare Moon= Like Civs who declares war for territorial expansion. and no cities near the borders


  • Wonders:
    • Mt. Aris

Gallopinghost Islands

    • Ponehenge
    • School of Friendship
    • Canterlot Castle
  • Building-
  • Units:
    • Cutie Crusader- Replaces Knight
    • Royal Guard- Replaces Pikeman