The Colonization of America is a scenario based on the event of the same name. The only way to win is a domination victory. However, the domination standards have been increased so you must capture all cities!

Instead of starting with Settlers on land, each civilization (Except for the native NPCs) start with a Settlers on a Galleon somewhere in the ocean.


The playable civilizations are:

(All of these will appear in the game)

  • New England (Almost entirely America)
    • Leader: George Washington
    • 13 Colonies: Any City with a gold, science, food or production bonus of 13 gets its culture and happiness doubled.
    • Special Units: Minuteman (Rifleman), Patriot (Militia)
    • Capital: Plymouth
  • New Amsterdam (Uses Holland's Flag and Colors)
    • Leader: Peter Stuyvesant (A Re-used William )
    • Hudson River: Rivers give no combat penalty for units, while they produce one extra trade.
    • Special Units: Gouden Leeuw (Galleon)
    • Special Buildings: Windmill (Granary)
    • Capital: New Amsterdam
  • New France (Exact same everything as france, save the name and citynames)
  • California (Uses Spain's Flag and Colors)
    • Leader:Isabella
    • Pizarro's Golden Dreams: X2 Exploration Gold
    • Special Units: Conquistador (Knights)
    • Special Buildings: Mission (Temple)
    • Capital: San Francisco

The non-playable ones are:

(At least one will be in the game, it's randomized like any other game)

  • Aztecs (Uses the Aztecs' flag & colors)
    • Leader: Montezuma
    • Sacrificial Altar: Units of warring civilizations may die when adjacent to any Aztec city.
    • Special Units: Jaguar (Warrior)
    • Special Buildings: Floating Gardens (Granary)
  • Sioux (Uses Sioux flag and colors)
    • Leader: Sitting Bull
    • Years of Tradition: The Sioux cannot culturally convert cities, but Siox cities cannot be culturally converted either.
  • Cherokee (Uses Danish colors)
    • Leader: Oconostota (A Re-used Kamehameha )
    • Move Camp: Cherokee Settlers found Camps rather than cities. Camps can be moved 3 spaces at any time (with all units, great people, and population in it moved as well), but all buildings are destroyed during movement and must be rebuilt to retain the bonuses. Other than this, camps are just like cities.
  • Apache (Uses English Colors)
    • Leader: Mangas Coloradas (A Re-Used Shaka )
    • Rage of Apache:
      • Apache units receive +1 attack, and +2 more attack when in home territory.  
      • +50% city attack.
      • Raze cities at double speed.