Civilization: Cartoon's Empire is a Fan-Fiction Game for Cartoon Lovers Crossed over with the Civilization Series.


  • Same features as Civilization 4 and 6
  • 2 Game modes
    • Civilization IV Format
    • Civilization VI Format

Factions and civilizations

Nick Jr.

  1. Paw Patrol
  2. Paw Patrol 2
  3. Sir Garrett- English Empire
  4. Nella the Princess Knight-

Disney Civilizations

  1. Cody-Australian Civilization
  2. Jake-Native American Civilization
  3. Cubby-Byzantium Civilization
  4. Izzy-Spanish Civilization
  5. Captain Hook-Portugese Civilization
  6. Elena=Spanish Civilization
  7. Esteban= Spanish Civilization

Altered Cartoons

  1. Storykeepers Nero= Roman Civilization
  2. Ben, Helena, Zak, Anna, Justin, Cyrus, Marcus=
  3. Mane Six, Spike,= Equestrian Civilization

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