Canada is a DLC civ in Civilization Beyond
Introduced in DLC
Leader Lester B. Pearson
Color Dark Red
Unique Units Mountie (Replaces Rifleman)
Unique Buildings {{{uniquebuildings}}}
Unique Ability Keepers of the Peace:

All other civilizations are met with at the start of the game. NPC leaders always offer peace (though it may still be at a price).

Bias Forest, Snow
Language spoken French, English
  • Architecture: European
  • Music Set: European
  • Preferred Religion: Christianity (G&K) or Protestantism (BNW)
  • Preferred Ideology: Freedom

City Names

  1. Ottawa (Capital)
  2. Toronto
  3. Montreal
  4. Calgary
  5. Quebec
  6. Mississagua
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Vancouver
  9. Brampton
  10. Hamilton
  11. Edmonton 
  12. Laval
  13. Halifax
  14. London (Shared with England, not buildable if they are ingame)
  15. Markha,
  16. Vaughan
  17. Gatineau
  18. Longueuil
  19. Burnaby
  20. Saskatoon
  21. Windsor
  22. Regina
  23. Richmond
  24. Oakville
  25. Burlington
  26. Sherbrooke
  27. Levis
  28. Abbotsford
  29. Ajax
  30. Whitby

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