This is an Event type scenario for Civilization: Cartoon Empires!


This is same as a normal game mode but the buildings and maps are unique as it will spooks the players in a halloween night and a foggy morning and afternoon.

Era Lore


As a new civilizations arise.... the haunted darkness shrouded the unknown. and now many haunted species lurking around and now begins to spook people with fear and terror


The Ancient Pantheons has a belief that ghosts and spirits appeared to be the guides to the living until it becomes the spooks of the night


Ghost Stories told by a story tellers and folklores believe that Ghosts are real and spooky along with a hippogriff guided and spooking them


The Smoke and Fire burns as an evil mark lurks across the Kingdom with monster machines and ironing steel this industrial age

Modern- Future Era

The Modern Urban legends can be spooky yet fun. From Ghosts to Bigfoot and the time has come to make it true and places the battle to the end of time